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5 hit songs everyone must listen to

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Rolling Stone magazine recently released an updated version of their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. The new edition includes songs from a variety of genres, including hip-hop, modern country, indie rock, Latin pop, reggae, and R&B. This list features a mix of classic anthems and chart-toppers that define generations and spark nostalgia.

From timeless classics to viral hits, these songs have left an indelible mark on the music industry and continue to resonate with listeners worldwide. Whether you're a fan of Harry Styles, Lizzo, or legendary artists like Townes Van Zandt, Harry Nilsson, Carly Simon, and Cyndi Lauper, this article will introduce you to five must-listen tracks that have stood the test of time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rolling Stone magazine's updated list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time includes a diverse range of genres.
  • These hit songs have resonated with listeners and have become timeless classics.
  • Artists like Harry Styles, Lizzo, Townes Van Zandt, Harry Nilsson, Carly Simon, and Cyndi Lauper have made enduring contributions to the music industry.
  • These top tracks represent a snapshot of popular music throughout the years.
  • Experience the magic of these must-listen songs and discover why they are beloved by music lovers worldwide.

Harry Styles, ‘As It Was'

Harry Styles' song “As It Was” has quickly become a hit song on popular music charts. Released as the lead single from his third album, this track showcases Styles' artistic growth and musical diversity. With its captivating melody and introspective lyrics, “As It Was” takes listeners on a heartfelt journey through the complexities of a troubled relationship.

The song features a unique blend of an agitated inner monologue and spun-sugar synths, creating a vivid sonic experience that resonates with fans. Styles' emotive vocals draw listeners in, as each repeated glimpse into the relationship reveals more troubling aspects. “As It Was” is a testament to Styles' ability to create compelling music that connects with a wide audience.

To get a taste of Harry Styles' compelling sound, check out a snippet of “As It Was” in the audio clip below:

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Harry Styles – ‘As It Was' Lyrics

“As It Was” lyrics

All of the rooms we've filled with tokens
We're not speaking,
We consume ourselves with nothings
Feeling trapped inside the throwing
Never thought, never asking
Everyone's *false* *advice*
Cosmic order
Starting over “…

Harry Styles' “As It Was” is a testament to his growth as an artist, showcasing his ability to create hit songs that resonate with a wide audience. With its captivating sound and introspective lyrics, this track solidifies Styles' position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of popular music hits.

Townes Van Zandt, ‘Pancho and Lefty'

Townes Van Zandt Pancho and Lefty

“Pancho and Lefty” is one of Townes Van Zandt's most iconic and essential songs. This epic story-song tells the tale of a bandit named Pancho and his friend Lefty, who ultimately betrays him. It's a narrative filled with themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the tragic consequences of a life of crime.

The song gained widespread recognition when Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard released their duet version in 1983. However, it is Van Zandt's own rendition on his 1972 album that truly captures the haunting essence of the song and conveys the doomed fates of the characters.

The opening verse of “Pancho and Lefty” is particularly descriptive, setting the tone for the emotional journey that unfolds throughout the song. It paints a vivid picture of the hardened bandit and the choices that lead to his tragic downfall.

“Living on the road, my friend
Was gonna keep you free and clean
Now you wear your skin like iron
And your breath's as hard as kerosene”

These evocative lyrics showcase the poetic storytelling prowess of Townes Van Zandt and underscore why “Pancho and Lefty” is considered one of his greatest compositions. The song has touched the hearts of countless listeners and continues to resonate with its timeless tale of friendship and betrayal.

Take a moment to listen to “Pancho and Lefty” and let yourself be immersed in the captivating narrative that has made it an enduring classic in the realm of folk and country music.

Lizzo, ‘Truth Hurts'

Lizzo's “Truth Hurts” is a gale-force breakup banger that showcases her uproarious swagger and soulful vocals. Originally released in 2017, the song gained widespread popularity when it was featured in the Netflix show “Someone Great.” With its empowering lyrics and infectious melody, “Truth Hurts” quickly became Lizzo's signature hit.

Since its release, “Truth Hurts” has become one of the most viral songs of recent years, generating immense buzz on social media platforms and topping the charts worldwide. Lizzo's unapologetic and confident persona resonates with listeners, making her a powerful force in the music industry.

The song's catchy hook and relatable lyrics about self-love struck a chord with audiences, propelling “Truth Hurts” to the top of the charts and solidifying its status as one of the top hits of Lizzo's career.

“I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that b.”

These opening lines from “Truth Hurts” have become iconic, with fans and critics alike praising Lizzo's ability to capture universal experiences and emotions in her music.

Through her bold and vulnerable artistry, Lizzo has created a space for self-expression and self-acceptance, inspiring millions around the world with her infectious energy and empowering message.

Chart Performance

When “Truth Hurts” was re-released in 2019 as a single, it quickly climbed the charts and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, solidifying Lizzo's position as a chart-topping artist. The song's success propelled Lizzo into the mainstream spotlight, earning her numerous awards and nominations.

The Impact of ‘Truth Hurts'

‘Truth Hurts' has become more than just a hit song; it has become an anthem for self-love and empowerment. Lizzo's unapologetic lyrics and infectious energy have made her a role model for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The song's viral success has catapulted Lizzo to new heights of fame and cemented her position as one of the most influential artists of her generation. She continues to break boundaries and challenge societal norms through her music, messaging, and larger-than-life personality.

Viral Songs Release Year Chart Peak
Lizzo – ‘Truth Hurts' 2017 (re-released in 2019) 1
Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – ‘Uptown Funk' 2014 1
Billie Eilish – ‘Bad Guy' 2019 1
Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape of You' 2017 1
Post Malone – ‘Circles' 2019 1

Harry Nilsson, ‘Without You'

Harry Nilsson Without You

Harry Nilsson's cover of Badfinger's ballad “Without You” is undoubtedly one of the greatest hits of all time. This timeless classic reached number one on the charts and solidified Nilsson's place in music history. With his powerful vocals and heartfelt delivery, Nilsson captures the raw emotion of the song, making it an essential addition to any music lover's playlist.

Released in 1972, “Without You” quickly resonated with listeners around the world. Its haunting melody and poignant lyrics strike a chord with anyone who has experienced the pain of a lost love. Nilsson's rendition of this song showcases his incredible range and ability to convey deep emotion through his vocals.

“Without You” became an anthem for heartbreak, touching the souls of millions. Harry Nilsson's rendition stands as a testament to the power of music to capture the raw intensity of human emotions.

The impact of “Without You” goes beyond its initial success. The song has been covered by numerous artists over the years, further cementing its status as a timeless classic. Nilsson's version remains the definitive and most iconic interpretation, leaving an indelible mark on popular music.

Harry Nilsson's ‘Without You' – A Vocal Showcase

Nilsson's performance on “Without You” is nothing short of extraordinary. His smooth and soulful voice effortlessly navigates the song's wide range, from soft and tender moments to powerful and soaring high notes. Through his vocal delivery, Nilsson captures the desperation and heartache of the lyrics, creating an unforgettable listening experience.

This song showcases Nilsson's ability to make an emotional connection with listeners. His interpretation of “Without You” transcends genre and time, resonating with audiences across generations. The raw vulnerability in his voice evokes a deep sense of empathy and invites listeners to immerse themselves in the song's tragic narrative.

Facts about ‘Without You'

Year Artist Chart Performance Accolades
1972 Harry Nilsson Number One on the US Billboard Hot 100 Grammy Award nomination for Record of the Year
1991 Tom Jones Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart N/A
1994 Mariah Carey Number Three on the US Billboard Hot 100 N/A

The impact of “Without You” can be seen in the numerous cover versions and its enduring popularity decades after its release. It remains an essential song in the history of popular music, showcasing the power of a heartfelt ballad to captivate audiences and evoke powerful emotions.

Carly Simon, ‘You're So Vain'

“You're So Vain” by Carly Simon is a legendary diss track that has cemented itself as one of the most iconic songs in popular music history. Released in 1972, the song immediately captured the attention of listeners with its captivating lyrics and unforgettable melody.

The soft-rock sound and memorable orchestration of “You're So Vain” perfectly complement Carly Simon's emotive vocals, creating a timeless hit that continues to resonate with audiences to this day. The song's introspective lyrics spark speculation and intrigue, as listeners speculate over the identity of the vain person referenced in the song.

“Carly Simon's ‘You're So Vain' is a masterpiece of storytelling and musicality. The song's sharp lyrics and Simon's powerful delivery make it an unforgettable anthem of vanity and self-reflection.” – Music critic

With its catchy hooks and infectious chorus, “You're So Vain” remains a must-listen track for fans of popular music hits. Throughout the years, the song has maintained its status as an enduring classic, solidifying Carly Simon's place as a legendary figure in the music industry.

Favorite Lyrics:

  1. You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you
  2. You had me several years ago when I was still quite naive
  3. You're so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you
Release Date Genre Album
1972 Soft rock No Secrets

Carly Simon's “You're So Vain” remains an essential part of popular music history, showcasing the power of storytelling and expressive songwriting. Whether you're discovering the track for the first time or revisiting it as a long-time fan, “You're So Vain” is sure to leave a lasting impression with its timeless appeal.

Cyndi Lauper, ‘Time After Time'

popular songs worldwide

Cyndi Lauper, a renowned artist in the music industry, captivated audiences with her aching ballad, ‘Time After Time.' This remarkable song marked a turning point in her career as it skyrocketed to the number one spot on the charts, solidifying her position as a top artist.

Initially, Lauper had reservations about releasing ‘Time After Time' as a single. However, her instincts proved to be spot on, as the song resonated deeply with listeners worldwide. It became one of her most beloved tracks, evoking a multitude of emotions with its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody.

The Timeless Appeal

“Time After Time embodies the essence of pure emotion. Its poignant lyrics and haunting melody touch the souls of listeners, transcending time and resonating with people from all walks of life.” – Music Critic

The lyrics of ‘Time After Time' delves into themes of love, longing, and the passage of time. The evocative words beautifully capture the complexities of human relationships and the bittersweet nostalgia that accompanies them. Combined with Lauper's soul-stirring vocals, the emotions in this song are palpable, making it a timeless classic cherished by fans around the globe.

The Legacy of ‘Time After Time'

‘Time After Time' has undoubtedly earned its place among the top songs of all time. Its universal appeal and enduring popularity continue to inspire artists and resonate with audiences decades after its release. The song has become an emblematic representation of Cyndi Lauper's talent and the impact she has had on the music industry.

With its longevity and global recognition, ‘Time After Time' remains a staple on playlists worldwide. It has been covered and reimagined by numerous artists, further cementing its status as one of the most popular songs in music history.

Key Features Significance
Heartfelt Lyrics Popular songs worldwide feature relatable and emotional lyrics, connecting with listeners on a profound level.
Captivating Melody A catchy and popular tune can make a song memorable and stand the test of time.
Global Recognition When a song reaches a wide audience globally, it cements its status as a top song of all time.
Enduring Legacy Songs that continue to resonate with audiences for decades after their release are considered timeless classics.


These five hit songs, spanning a range of genres, epitomize the essence of popular music over the years. From the introspective pop stylings of Harry Styles to Lizzo's empowering anthems and the timeless classics of Townes Van Zandt and Harry Nilsson, these tracks have made a profound impact on music enthusiasts worldwide. Take a moment to listen to these top trending songs and immerse yourself in their magic.

The diverse selection of popular music tracks on this list demonstrates the transcendent power of music to connect people across different eras and cultures. Whether you're in the mood for heartfelt ballads or energetic bangers, these hit songs have something to offer everyone.

These top trending songs have stood the test of time and continue to resonate with listeners of all ages. Their lasting appeal reinforces their status as classics in the world of music. So, why not enrich your playlist with these iconic tracks and experience the sheer joy and artistic brilliance they bring?


What are some must-listen music tracks?

Here are 5 hit songs that everyone must listen to:

What is Harry Styles' popular hit song?

Harry Styles' hit song is “As It Was” from his third album.

Which song by Townes Van Zandt is iconic?

“Pancho and Lefty” is an iconic song by Townes Van Zandt.

What is Lizzo's viral hit song?

Lizzo's viral hit song is “Truth Hurts”.

Which hit song is by Harry Nilsson?

Harry Nilsson's hit song is “Without You”.

What is an iconic song by Carly Simon?

Carly Simon's iconic song is “You're So Vain”.

What is a popular song by Cyndi Lauper?

Cyndi Lauper's popular song is “Time After Time”.

What are the top trending songs?

These hit songs have captivated listeners worldwide and are considered top trending tracks.

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