He appreciates all his success but sometimes the entertainment industry can take a toll on
the musician who recently got nominated for a BET Award.

Speaking on Metro FM this week, Sjava was asked what really frustrates him about the
industry and being famous and he
responded by saying that he doesn’t understand the disrespect people have towards entertainers.

“Whether you’re a person that sings or acts, somewhere, somehow there must be at
least some form of respect that you get. A few years ago, there was never anyone who
was at the age of sixteen who could curse at me and get away with it. So that really frustrates me a lot that when I’m walking in
public and a younger person than me just calls me in a disrespectful manner.”

The musician also added that it really frustrates him that some people feel like he has no right to reciprocate to the disrespect.

“Everyone can say whatever they feel about you but then you mustn’t respond? That
really frustrates me and as time goes, it will be really hard for me to just keep quiet because where I come from, things don’t go
like that.”


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