Sjava has revealed that fame has consumed him and feels like his life has been ruined.

He made this known while speaking to Pearl Modiadie on Metro FM recently “I feel like my life is ruined now, because it’s
not normal anymore and it belongs to the people now more than myself, so real moments do not last and they become very
scarce, so now you end up going with if you’re feeling the moment you say ok: ‘this is a real moment’ but there’s a lot of fake moments that’s why it’s important to keep
the same people that you had around you..”, he said.

Sjava added that he’s now accepted his faith. “I’m very weird…whatever happens, life must go on and it’s cool, that’s how I
look at life and I believe that that’s how I got this far in life, by understanding anything
that happens in my life. I have a lot of problems but with understanding, I am able
to move forward…”


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