We’ve seen how Papa Penny Penny has managed his household over the years
through his reality TV show
, and he’s ready to take over Limpopo.

Penny Penny has launched a campaign on social media to get his fans to vote for him
as chairperson of the ANC in Limpopo, challenging the current ANC Limpopo premier Stanley Mathabatha to rid the
province of “inequality and tribalism”.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Penny said: “I am waiting for the next meeting of counselors
for my name to be nominated for the position. We are still waiting for our (ANC) provincial conference to happen after all the delays but, when it happens, I will stand up
and challenge Stanley. He has not changed anything in the area and I challenge him to step down.”

Papa Penny says that as he’s always been an ANC member, he wants to bring about change in the province and unite the

“There are six languages in Limpopo. We need something to unite us. It can’t be that
only one people are represented more than others. If I’m elected there will be no more Pedi, no more Shangaan, no more Venda, no more English, no more Afrikaans: we will all
be one people.”


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