Whilst she’s busy minding her own business and living her life, Marah’s haters are hard at work at trying to bring her down.

On Monday, Daily Sun reported that Marah Louw has been experiencing some rather
creepy voodoo ongoings around her parents home in Soweto.

The paper reported that Marah Louw who is currently recovering from surgery had been busy renovating her parent’s home whilst taking some time off from the limelight.

However, on Sunday night she was taken aback by what her daughter had discovered
outside her parent’s house.

It’s reported that Marah’s daughter had found two beer bottles filled with “black
muthi” at the gate.

The bottles were removed, yet a few days later a bottle with the same content inside
was found again outside the house. It’s reported that the culprit who had placed the
bottle was found and confronted.
Marah is said to be shocked & perplexed by this voodoo attempt at her life but will not
entertain such nonsense.


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